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June 10th, 2003
Updated the shows. That is the final tour schedule. Looks like it is going to be good, my guess is 5 days off if things don't work out. 1 day off if things do work out. We are almost finished with our tour posters. The Like Tigers split 7 inch won't be done in time for tour, so we are making 100 limited edition split cdrs, with fancy ass screened artwork. Should be good. Also, another label is getting involved so we can press 500 of them. This fall we will hopefully be releasing our long-in-the-planning-process split 7 inch with Sparkles and a west coast tour with them. The CD EP on Not Bad Records is getting closer and closer to being completed. We ordered the cases today and shipped the pressing plant a cd yesterday. We should have them by tour and we will officially have a release show in August when we get back. WORD!

April 22nd, 2003
We have started booking our summer tour. It is going to be 30 days long and take us across all parts of the east. For 12 or 13 days we will be joined by our friends from Detroit, Like Tigers. We will also be releasing a split 7 inch with Like Tigers that should be out right before the tour. It is going to be released by our friends Jami and Josh who both live in Detroit and both have record labels and I don't know the names of either of them. We are very excited to be involved in this project. It will most likely be a limited run of 300 with hand screened covers by us. On another note, the CD EP on Not Bad Records should be complete by the end of May with a joint release show between us and local favorites Bailer. The art is done, the recording has been done, now we just have to send it all off to be mass produced. We wrote 2 new songs, we now have 21 songs. We have a few shows coming up but are trying to keep it sparse until after tour so we can focus on writing songs for a full length that we hope to release this fall/winter. Who will put it out? Who knows, someone I hope... Any help on tour would be fantastic. Hopefully a west coast tour will happen this November.

April 14th, 2003
Since I dropped out of school I have been updating the website a lot more... So at least one good thing had come out of it. Anyway, there is another show or two on the show list, I put up new pictures and got rid of a bunch of the old crappy ones, and I numbered our past shows. Thanks to the few who braved the heat and watched us play at Marie's birthday party. It was really fucking hot inside the house. We are figuring out our east coast tour this week, we will be going through the midwest, down the east coast, and back through the south, so if you live in any of those areas or know anyone who does and you can help us out that would be super rad. You can email us at or sign the guestbook or something. Otherwise, Not Bad EP should be out by late May/early June I hope, and the Friends Forever splits are selling pretty fast and there are only 300 so...

April 2nd, 2003
Fuckin A. We got back from tour a few days ago, and it was amazing. We had a blast and nothing bad happened. Now we are going to write a bunch of new songs to get ready for summer tour. We have a bunch of new stuff recorded for the Not Bad CD EP and other projects, so get ready for some new releases in the next few months... Out split 7 inch with Friends Forever is done and available for purchase from us or at Wax Trax record store here in Denver. Shit, it took a lot of work but they turned out really well and we are all real excited for them. We have a few shows coming up but we are kind of trying to take it easy for a while, you know? Ok, well I would like to thank a few people for helping out with tour: Buddy, Roadie, Billy, Joel, Tim, Josh, Everyone at the Litterbox, the Bottom of the Hill, The Aquadome and all it's involvies, Chris and Ben, and Dan Davis and all fun kids in Wichita. I'm sure more people need to be thanked but that is all I got for now.

February 10th, 2003
We just played 3 shows in a row with Ten Grand. They are our friends and a super good band. Go to the SOUTHERN RECORDS website and listen to them. We are going to ride their coat tails to superstardom. Also, we have the art ready for the Friends Forever split, and everything is recorded, so now it just needs to be mastered and pressed, and we need to screen the covers too... We are also now putting out a CD EP on Not Bad Records as part of a series they are doing. They are going to try to put out 6 CD EP's a year by various bands where the bands have complete control over the art and junk. They press 500 copies of the cd and kazam! A CD series loosely based on the Sub Pop singles series, only cds not 7 inches. Other bands that will be releasing Not Bad CD EP's as of now are Bailer and Angels Never Answer. Someday we will do a split 7 inch with Sparkels. Our tour is getting booked, help if you can. That is all. We now have 18 songs.

January 16th, 2003
A new year brings new suprises for the Zombie Zombie. Our spring tour is coming along well and we have a plethera of shows at the beginning of February. A sort of mini-tour with Ten Grand in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs. And a fun show with a good band, the True North. We are making new shirts and buttons, possibly stickers for tour. Art is going to be completed this Sunday for the split 7 inch with Friends Forever, hopefully it will be done by the time we leave for tour. We wrote a bunch of new songs and are going to record some more soon. That is all.

December 20th, 2002
So no updates for a while... We went to LA and played two shows, it was a very fun trip but getting ready for it was quite a task. After all the work we put into that (screening shirts, screening demos, practicing so we don't suck...) we took a little break but we are practicing again pretty heavily. Trying to write a bunch of new songs before we start playing shows again in January. We are booking a spring tour around the midwest from the 21st-30th of March. Any help with shows anywhere in the midwest would be fucking awesome, just email us at We just strting to book, so we still need shows in Chicago, Michigan, Inidiana, Missouri, Kansas, and possibly Minnesota. We are trying to do 10 shows in 10 days so getting it organized is a little nuts. Split 7 inches with Friends Forever and Sparkles in the works, hopefully the Friends Forever will be done by the end of January and both should be ready for tour. That is all, and if you ever want us to play a show just ask.

November 7th, 2002
Show last night was really fun, Mr. Pac Man blew my mind. Sparkles and Total Shutdown were also amazing. Our demo cdr's are done, they look good and you can order them from us for $6 or buy them at shows. Also we have shirts and buttons. There is a link on the main page for that stuff... Our trip to California is coming along well, we are playing this thing called Neon Hates You 2 which is an experimental punk showcase at this art/show space called The Smell in Los Angeles. We are playing a party the day before and are trying to finalize a show for that Saturday, so if you can help us out email us at We have recorded 3 new songs for split 7 inches with local favorties Friends Forever and Sparkles. We are really really excited about both of those records, so get ready. We have 2 more shows before we leave and as always if you want us to play just get in touch.

new mp3's added. these are three songs off the demo cd. the other ones didn't have bass on it yet so check them out.